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Product FIlter

Product FIlter

Digital Signage

Light a life in your business with Toshiba’s digital signage solutions.



  • Digital Display
    Toshiba offers a wide range of display to cater your business needs. Our digital signage solutions are capable of helping you bring your promotional approach to another level with clear and vibrant display for you to convey the right message to the right audience at the right place. Worry not for consistent switching on and off monitor displays of your products and services as our digital signage solutions offer a scheduled play for your media as well as real-time monitoring system for you to keep the running of the display in sight at all times.
  • Menu Boards
  • Kiosks
    Toshiba Self-Service Kiosks
    Streamline Your Business with Fully Customizable Kiosks
    Smart and stylish Toshiba self-service kiosks are the cost-effective answer to automating
    information and sales processes whilst maximizing business opportunities and enhancing
    the customer experience. These robust and reliable units can be customized for a huge
    variety of purposes to form a key operational strategy for queue-busting, customer
    satisfaction and overheads reduction. Some examples of kiosk applications include price
    checker, product locator, food counter pre-ordering, receptionist services and many more
    than you can imagine.