Whistleblower hotline is provided herein for any person who has reason(s) to believe or suspect and with evidence, to report of any employee or employees of Toshiba Tec (Thailand) to have committed any compliance violation be it fraud, commercial crime, criminal in nature or moral attitude outside or within the company. All reports received will be kept private and confidential. The whistleblower will be protected and not be disclosed in any way to anyone.

It should be noted that the report directed at personal attack, slander or matter unrelated to the company must be refrained.

The company has the right to take action or not, depending on the nature of the matter reported.

The decision of the company is final and shall not be contested. Any investigation conducted and any action taken thereafter will be the prerogative of the company.

Whistleblower Hotline : whistleblowerhotline@toshibatec.co.th